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Unique tribal and African art statuary imported for your home decor and gift giving needs, from Exotic Imports.

Asmat Warrior

Asmat Warrior

It's time to relax. The Asmat tribe of Indonesia make thesestatues to scare away evil and protect you! These guys areUGLY! But that's by design. The Asmat believe the uglierthey can make a face, the more protection will result. Get onefor your desk, one for your bedroom, one for your office, and give oneto someone who needs to scare away evil and needs a little extra helpprotecting their space. Crafted out of a non-endangered wood inIndonesia. 11 1/2" Tall including spear 2" x2 1/2" base. Statue is 7 3/4" Tall


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Value $12


Asmat Queen Wood Carving

Asmat Queen

the Asmat tribe of Indonesia have long believed that the ugly appearance of these figureswill scare away any and all evil spirits. Put Asmats in yourhome as both a great conversation piece and a ward againstevil. This traditional style Asmat carving measuresapproximately 27" tall. Hand-crafted fromnon-endangered wood in Indonesia.


SALE $229.99

Value $300.00

Tree of Life

The Life Tree

TheLife Tree depicts the members of a family, including past and presentgenerations supporting each other. All that we have achieved hasliterally been built on the backs of those who came before us. Carved from African blackwood, or mpingo, this "Life Tree" exhibitsan intricacy of design and detail which would not be possible toachieve in a wood less dense and strong as mpingo. This art isproduced by the Makonda people of southern Tanzania. Thissingularly exceptional, museum quality, Life Tree has been in ourcollection since 1997, is approximatelyfour feet in height, fourteen to eighteen inches wide at the base,twelve inches wide at the top, and features well over a hundredindividual figures.
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