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Pool boy Publishing isn't interested in the ordinary. As long as your idea is marketable and fits within our specialties, let's take a swim together.

We provide publishing support as a viable alternative to self-publishing. Our approach provides your book a professional presentation so it doesn't resemble something that was "vanity" published.  We allow you to maintain control of the manuscript, layout, and design of your book, as well as the distribution and marketing of the finished title.  Publishing this way allows you to manipulate and publish your dream just as you have intended, with our guidance.  PbP works with authors who seek to publish literary themes relating to poetry, fiction, alternative, short story, and novella.

cover image-- Order your copy of "Quartered Enlightenment" by Trisha Georgiou today!

NOTE:  The first edition of "Quartered Enlightment" has sold out.  The 2nd printing is on the shelves and selling rapidly.  Order yours today!

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