Forward for "Quartered Enlightenment"

What you’re about to read transcends the idea of a traditional poetry collection.  Though each poem is powerful enough to stand on its own as a complete thought, a complete story, Quartered Enlightenment is something more of a novel than it is a book that may colloquially be defined in the genre, poetry.  This story of the evolution of innocence is told through the license granted by rhyme and rhythm, with a strong voice and meter that only poetry can utilize.  By using this writing method, the interpretative visions are opened greater than traditional writing allows.  
As a collaborator in this process, in order to convey the many messages being expressed, I witnessed an author who expanded her creativity through cultivating her imagination.  Though, through this cultivation, and ultimately the visual diagramming of the story, what once was a collection of garden poems blossomed into a story that is emotionally wrenching by anyone who has loved, or has sought the help from a divine hand. 
This metamorphosis of the story also turned a writer into a poet.
Having been an entrepreneur since my earliest memory, it is rewarding for me to take the intangible and make it tangible.  Turning a brainstorming result into a “thing” that others can feel and experience is satisfying.  In the pages that follow, there is a palpable experience that has been removed from the realm of conceptual, and is now rooted deeply in the fertile soil of your own personal experience.
It has been by great serendipitous honor to be connected with this, what I call, poetic novella.  Just as time relentlessly brings forth the life experience, the time that elapsed while editing this book has brought me closer to seeing how the unexpected can bring great, before unquantifiable and unfathomable, returns.
After finishing Quartered Enlightenment, close your eyes, take a few breaths, collect the images and emotions in your mind. Grant yourself a meditative connection with the seasons that have just erupted around you, and if our message was successful, inside of you.  Then, write these reflections on the blank pages in the back.  Don’t worry about your punctuation or grammar.  Just let the ink flow!  I bet you’ll feel better about something.  
Just as Trish and I have done, write what you feel, then learn from, and live by, your words.
David Lee Cahoon
Pool Boy Publishing
Exotic Imports