Fertility Dolls

This VERY popular item is carved in Ghana by the Ashanti tribe. As an African image of beauty, the fertility doll is worn by recently-married women, and women who want to conceive, as a sign of their fertility. The women keep the fertility doll throughout their pregnancy to ensure a beautiful and healthy baby. After the baby's birth, the mother puts the fertility doll in the child's room. When the child sees the fertility doll, he/she will see its beauty and grow up to be a beautiful person. These fertility dolls are carved out of the non-endangered Osese wood. The fertility dolls are offered at a very reasonable price.

A must for anyone wanting to have a baby! To use the fertility doll (should you choose not to wear it!), just display it in the room where you make love most. It should be prominent, facing the room. Many customers have returned to tell us just how effective these fertility dolls are. Perhaps you will tell us your success story someday.

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Akuaba Ashanti Fertiltiy Doll

7" - 9" Akuaba Ashanti Fertility Doll

Fair Trade crafted in Ghana



Akuaba Ashanti Fertiltiy Doll Akuaba Ashanti Fertiltiy Doll

12" Akuaba Ashanti Fertility Doll

This fertility doll usually has carving on both sides of the head. Because of each fertility doll's individually handcrafted nature, be aware that yours will be similar to the sample but still unique.





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