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Extraordinary Wolf

We've had wolf statues for many years. But none of them have been as detailed as this piece. Look at the expression in the face. You see details which are very frequently overlooked because of the time it takes to paint them. Look at the detail in the neck, body, and legs. The same high level of artisanship can be seen here as well. Cast from Statuary Resin, this piece is durable, impressive, and not to be found many places. The wolf measures an impressive 12" long, 9" tall, and 5 12" wide. He stands on a snow covered base measuring about 12 1/2" by 3" wide. Don't miss out on this piece. Limited Stock! Hand painted and made in China.



Value $100


I'll admit, people who collect Hippopotami are a unique group. They are forever looking to add to their collection. This piece is one which needs to be in a collection. It is cast from durable Statuary Resin, hand painted, and comes in its own custom box. There are not a lot of details to a hippo. This one has a grey body with a lighter tan belly. I'd imagine in the wild, this is what a recently rained on hippo looks like since they like muddy water. It measures 12" long, is just over 6" tall, and is about 4" wide. Don't wait forever! Limited stock. Made in China.



Value $59


Eagle Head on Base

The proud stature of the eagle is clearly depicted in this beautiful stature. It features brilliant details and colors. Measuring 12 inches tall, this piece is the perfect size to place on your shelf, mantle, or desk. Perched on a wood finished pedestal which measures 6 X 5.25 inches, the Eagle Head proudly looks into the distance. It makes an incredible addition to your collection as well as a spectacular gift. Cast using durable Statuary Resin. Made in China.



Value $59.99


Elephant with Baby

"Mom, wait!", or is it, "Daddy, I wanna play!"? This incredibly beautiful and detailed statue conveys the lively nature of the baby elephant to the parent. Look at the details in the trunk. Look at the color in the ears. Our artists have taken the time to make this statue look as close to nature while keeping it incredibly affordable. The tusks look like real ivory! The base measures 9" by 3". The adult is about 5 1/2" tall. Cast in Statuary Resin. Made in China.



Value $39.99

Penny the Parrot

Perched on a branch, peering into the distance, Penny is pretty. She has chosen a branch adorned with a delicate flower. Brilliant shades of red, yellow, and blue feathers cover her back. Her eyes are accented with white and her beak is orange. Penny never makes a sound, requires no care, and will never complain! Cast using Statuary Resin, she is beautiful and durable. Measuring an impressive overall height of 9" tall, Penny is 8 1/2inches long and the base is about 3 1/2in by 3 1/2inches. Made in China.



Value $29.99

Dolphin Couple

In love and exploring the oceans together, this dolphin couple is dancing to their hearts' desires. Exhibiting a lovely detail, the hand painted piece is full of surprises. They are dancing in a coral filled shell sparkling with accents. The beautiful colors accentuate the coral, dolphins, shell, and plants. Perfect for your sea life collection or for that dolphin collector! Cast using Statuary Resin. Made in China. Individually boxed. 4 1/4" Tall 4x3" Base



Value $20


Fabulous Flamingo Couple

Together they are watching the stars, the moon, the sunrise, and the sunset. They simply love being together and sharing all of the joy and sensation life offers. Inseparable, this duo is cast using Statuary Resin, measures about 6 1/2 inches tall, and stand on a base about 3 1/2" by 1 3/4". Perfect as a gift or to add to your collection. Painted in the spirit of the real flamingos in nature, Vibrant and beautiful. Made in China.



Value $29.99

Fabulous Flamingo

The iconic flamingo is a stately and beautiful creature. This statue embodies the color and grace as those in the wild. Look at the depth of color our artists have utilized to convey the vibrant hues. Look at the details in the feet and eyes. A very nice piece measuring 12 inches tall. The base is 3 1/2 inches by 2 1/2 inches. Buy a pair and let them share their time together while you are away. Cast using Statuary Resin. Made in China.



Value $39.99

Zebra Bust

It certainly is amazing, the zebra. How an animal can end up with the brilliant and contrasting patterns of the zebra is amazing! This well detailed bust is the perfect size for your wall. It's not to small, and has a lot of detail. Ready to hang with a mount hole in the back, this piece is cast from Statuary Resin in China. Hand painted. Individually Boxed. 9 1/2" long. 5" wide at ears 4" from nose to wall



Value $35

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