Buddhist Statues

In its strictest sense, Buddha (in Sanskrit:literally"Awakened One")...Click for more.

Inits strictest sense, Buddha (in Sanskrit: literally"Awakened One") is a title used in Buddhism for anyone who has foundenlightenment (bodhi). In English, theword Buddha is also commonly used for Siddhartha Gautama(the historical founder of Buddhism) or Hotei (the rotund laughingBuddha often seen as a statuette). Gautama Buddha was a prince that wasintensely curious about the nature of life, death, andsuffering. He sat under a large Bodhi tree, and vowed hewould never leave the seat until he found "truth" - enlightenment.

Generally,Buddhists do not consider Siddhartha Gautama - who lived in India fromabout 623 BCE to 543 BCE, and attained bodhi around588 BCE - to have been the first or last Buddha. From thestandpoint of classical Buddhist doctrine, a Buddhais anyone who rediscovers the Dharma and achieves enlightenment, havingamassed sufficient positive karma to do so. There haveexisted manysuch beings throughout time. Hence, Gautama Buddha (known bythereligious name Shakyamuni) is one member of a spiritual lineage of SupremeBuddhas going back to the distant past and forward into the far-flungfuture. His immediate predecessor was Kassapa Buddha, and hissuccessor will be named Maitreya.

Thehistorical Buddha presented himself not as a god or savior, but as ateacher capable of guiding sentient beings out of samsara - the cycleof rebirth. Nevertheless, many forms of Buddhism do recognizesavior-type figures. The technical differences betweenBuddhas, bodhisattvas, dharmapalas - protector deities, yidams -enlightened beings with whom one identifies during meditation, and"gods" (Sanskrit deva, Tibetan lha)often blur in practical devotion.

Theawakened bliss of Nirvana, according to Buddhism, is available to allbeings - although orthodoxy holds that one must first be born as ahuman being. Emphasizing this universal availability,Buddhism refers to many Buddhas and also to many bodhisattvas- beings committed to Enlightenment, whoo vow to

  • postponetheir own Nirvana in order to assist others on the path, or
  • secureAwakening/Nirvana for themselves first and thereafter continue toliberate all other beings from suffering for all time.

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Buddha Statues

Bronze Laughing Buddha

Solid Brass Fat Laughing Buddha

Also known as Hotei, he brings gifts of good fortune, joy, and happiness. He is the guardian of children, patron of bartenders, and contains luck, wealth, and wisdom in his belly. This statue is quite heavy for the size, denoting its quality. It will be a wonderful addition to your collection. Cast from genuine brass metal in India.He is approximately 2" tall.


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Manjushree (or Manjushri) - "God of Divine Wisdom"

He represents mastery of the Dharma, relativememory, mental perfection, and eloquence. Manjushree is also of of theforms of Bodhisattvas who symbolizes wisdom. He carries the sword ofwisdom and light in his right hand and the Prajnaparmita manuscript, "the book of divine wisdom", in his left. He isseated on the lotus blossom. Made of sterling silver, this Manjushreependant was Fair Trade crafted in Nepal and is approximately 1 inch inlength.


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Kuan Yin Statues

Kuan Yin (Sometimes spelled Quan orKwan), originally known as Avalokiteswara ('the Lord who regards'), isa highly revered manifestation of the Buddha who appears in Chinesescriptures around 400A.D. Kuan Yin means 'one who hears thecries of the world' and personifies the compassion of the Buddha forthe needy.

Kuan Yin on Dragon

Kuan Yin on Dragon

This spectacular brass statuerepresents the Chinese Bodhisattva/Goddess of Compassion, Mercyand Kindness and is considered to be a mother-goddess and patron ofseamen. THE GODDESS' NAME. The name Guan Yin alsospelt Guan Yim, Kuan Yim, Kwan Im,or Kuan Yin, is a short formfor Kuan-shi Yin, meaning "Observingthe Sounds (or Cries) of the (human) World". She stands upon thedragon extolling her power over the beast and providing comfort byprotecting all who may have been in danger. Cast from genuine brass metal in India. About 3" tall.


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Large Bronze Kuan Yin Statue

Large Bronze Kuan Yin Statue

Cast in Thailand, this great piece could easily be anycenterpiece. It stands 18 inches tall, 14 inches wide, and 12inches deep. The statue weighs over 30 pounds.


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Value $1,179

Kuan Yin Statue

Kuan Yin

This beautiful brass statue represents the Chinese Bodhisattva/Goddessof Compassion, Mercy and Kindness and is considered to be amother-goddess and patron of seamen. THE GODDESS' NAME. The name GuanYin also spelt Guan Yim, Kuan Yim, Kwan Im, or Kuan Yin, is a shortform for Kuan-shi Yin, meaning "Observing the Sounds (or Cries) of the(human) World". Cast from genuine brass metal in India. About 3" tall.


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Brass OM

Beautiful Brass Om

Don't get caught starting your day without your OM around yourneck. Radiate the vibration of the universe from your energy asyou live your day at work, and play, and while relaxing andmeditating. This piece is made in Nepal using genuine brassmetal. It measures about 1" tall and is strung on a plenty-longsilk cord. Comes gift boxed and ready to give to yourself or to afriend.



Value $20

24kt Gold Plated Ganesha OM

Genuine 24kt Gold Plated Ganesha OM

It's not everyday you get to find a gold plated OM entwined withGanesha. Overcome ANY obstacle with this necklace. Ganeshais invoked when starting a new venture, where there is somethingblocking success, or where there are commitments. Whilecelebrating the vibration of the universe with the OM, you will also beable to tap in to the powers of Ganesha. All the while you aregiving thanks and respect with a coating of 24kt gold.Cast in Brass then coated in gold.Made in Nepal.


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